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Top 6 wellbeing-based interior trends for 2022

Posted by Afolabi Akeredolu on

1.Indoor Gardens
The benefits of an indoor garden are endless and filling your abode with potted plants, herbs, and root veggies the top wellbeing interior trend for 2022. An indoor garden can take up as much or as little space as you are willing to give it, which makes it ideal for those living in shared apartments or tiny flats. "Whether you're growing vegetables from scratch or just tending to purchased houseplants, taking the time out to look after plants can significantly help boost your mood.

2.Plants in the Bedroom
Air purifying plants can clean the air and increase oxygen levels for a restful night's sleep, making them excellent bedroom accessories. Much of the UK is embracing plant life and understandably so due to the mental health benefits that plants offer. Not only can plants generally improve wellbeing, from improving the air quality to increasing concentration and productivity, but certain plants in the bedroom can also help you sleep better. When it comes to choosing bedroom plants, consider fool proof lavender and rosemary. These potted wonders might often be found in the kitchen, but their sleep-inducing essential oils can soothe and clear the mind before bed. Best of all, they're easier to keep alive.

Minimalism – the idea of stripping décor down to its essential — is another wellbeing interior trend to have on your radar for 2022. Achieving a minimalist home may seem like a tough job but it can be really easy to attain," he says. "Decluttering is a great place to start when attempting to achieve a minimalist living space. Tidy out old clothes and books and try not to unnecessarily hoard anything.

4.Home Gym
Sales of fitness gear, gadgets and apparel have skyrocketed during the pandemic as homebound consumers scramble to build home gyms — but it's not stopping there. As home gyms become a more accessible (and cheaper) option for fitness enthusiasts, Study predicts more Brits will look to build their own in 2022.

5.Organic Interiors
Using organic shapes and naturally made materials is an effective way to bring nature inside the home. Incorporating woods, hemp, and stone products will help to bring the outside in – but this trend is also about the environmental impact of each product. Due to the growing popularity and demand, more expensive pieces are cheaper than before and can be found in places such as vintage furniture or charity shops, for a fraction of the original price.

6.Hobby Room
With the pandemic leading to a huge surge in the uptake of hobbies, 2022 will see more Brits creating spaces for their favourite pastime. Planning on designing your own? Whether it's an art studio, sewing room or music space, hobby rooms are hubs for creativity and will serve to be functional as well as inspirational.