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20 Best Climbing Plants

Posted by Afolabi Akeredolu on

It is worth paying attention to the eventual height a climber will reach before you choose to plant it – some types grow only to head height, while others are so vigorous, they will reach for the roof and keep going. Also take note of any pruning requirements to make sure you will be able to easily access and tend any plants that do need to be cut back in the future. 

1.Boston Ivy. 

2.Chinese Virginia Creeper. 

3.Chocolate Vine. 

4.Climbing Hydrangea. 

5.Crimson Glory Vine. 

6.Downy Clematis. 

7.Evergreen Clematis. 

8.Japanese Quince. 

9.Japanese Wisteria. 

10.Morning Glory. 

11.Patio Clematis. 

12.Potato Vines. 

13.Roses (Climbers). 

14.Roses (Ramblers). 

15.Sausage Vine. 

16.Star Jasmine. 

17.Sweet Peas. 

18.True Jasmine. 

19.Variegated Kiwi. 

20.Winter Jasmine.